Slight knee pain, how long should i stay away?

so i've been rather injury free for some time now, i'm 26 y/o male, 5.0, was rallying with a friend, just a ground stroke game, i hit a backhand then i jumped straight up with both legs, landed standing straight up and i believe on my toes, when i landed my left knee felt odd, no sharp pain at all, but when i played the next point out, i noticed i wasn't able to hit a forehand properly, it hurt almost to twist my knee as when i do when im hitting the forehand. walking and running is perfectly fine, knee feels a little swollen.

it doesn't sound like something serious, and i would go to the doctor but for some reason it takes 2 weeks to get an appointment, anyone have any suggestions as to how long i should stay away from tennis? i'm on vacation for a week so i'm staying away for at least one week



Don't just rest. Ice your knee for up to 15 min, a few times a day to get the swelling down.

You can return when you feel no more pain.