Slinger tennis ball machine

For something made out of canvas and can only do 40mph that's pretty expensive especially since we don't know if it can take the abuse of tennis balls hitting it for years on end. Lobster, Tennis Tutor, Silent Partner have been around for a long time and the outer casing is pretty sturdy on all of those.
I agree but I'd also include Spinfire as they've been around for more than 10 years now and the reviews are incredible (love love love mine).

I was surprised to see the price of the Slinger has been raised to $755 (on sale now for $675). For that money you are getting very close to the price of the Lobster Elite Freedom which is less than 1/2 the size, has a hard plastic shell and ball hopper vs Slinger's cheap fabric body and zippers all over the place, a top speed more than 50% faster, larger ball hopper, easier to set up, can operate on AC as well as battery and the horizontal oscillation is built in vs having to fiddle with Slingers rotating platform workaround. At $400 one could have argued it was good value, but at $755 it's hardly a bargain for how little it does. Also, as that video complains about, the intense and unchangeable top spin is a real drag (no pun intended).

Slinger has a very aggressive marketing campaign. I laughed when I saw their press release yesterday that stated 'Hands down the best ball machine' and their website which has quotes like "You guys thought of everything!" and '50% of the price of competitors'.

None of that is even remotely true!
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Want to give it a try but I don't want to hurt the resale value... if I can get $600+ for it then I probably should just sell it. Been using my Spinfire Pro 2, which I enjoy. Has anyone bought a ball machine with more features while waiting for their Slinger, decide to sell their other ball machine and keep the Slinger?
yea.. I did.. while waiting for the slinger to come out.. the Hydrogen Sports Proton came out.. and i couldn't resist.. and pre-ordered one... so I'll probably sell my my Slinger very soon.

check out the video at:
I think the Proton is really going to disrupt the market. It will do more than what the top end Lobster does for 1/2 the price. The inventor really knows what he is doing. Of course once one scales there will be growing pains and not everyone wants to buy the new kid on the block. Spinfire, Lobster, etc. They've been around a very long time. The Slinger? As far as I am concerned more of a joke with limited shelf life. I'd be surprised if they are in business in a couple years. Just take a look at the SEC filings. The company is bleeding cash, in debt to the tune of over $2 million (and paying 12% interest to boot on the debt!) and losing money every month with no profits on the horizon. Silent Partner is also on it's last legs. The owner died 8 years ago and his widow has someone managing it. They have zero plans to ever come out with anything new or improve the machine. It's pretty good value for the price though I would say but is a bit lacking on some fronts.
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I feel the Proton, if it works correctly, is definitely a game changer. I feel a lot of us that use ball machines, use them less because it's such a pain lugging the machine around. There seems to be a lot of issues/complaints with the programmable features on the higher end machines (Lobster Elite 5 and Silent Partner smart).... hopefully the Proton will work as intended. The only thing the Proton doesn't have is internal oscillation but with the small size, I can live with that. The Spinfire Pro 2 is missing the programmable features.. I wish it offered that but otherwise is a great machine.
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I just want to get out on the court and start hitting, not playing around trying to program the machine. The drills Spinfire has are more than enough, not to mention they are infinitely variable as to speed, spin, interval, ball height, etc. A friend of mine has the Lobster Grand V LE and the only thing that it does more than the Spinfire is that you can program 6 balls then it just repeats the same pattern . Quite predictable plus is warns you of where the shot is going. He said when his balls get flatter and/or there is wind he has to keep changing the programs. Often I'll be out with my Spinfire hitting and he'll be on another court fiddling with the programming for 10 minutes. I'll take the Spinfire's random player mode with internal oscillation for $800 less over the Lobster Grand V LE any day.