Small but full featured bag


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Is there a small (3 pack) but a full featured tennis Bag? By full featured I mean...

  • Separate shoe/wet pocket (I only wear Tennis Shoes while playing and prefer slip-ons/sandals to travel to/from matches, practice, etc...)
  • Separate compartment for racquets (don't like the single large compartment in most 3 packs, don't want water bottles, balls, additional clothing, etc in a thrown together mess)
  • Small accessory compartment for wallet, phone, car keys...

My 3 compartment 6 pack is an overkill for most cases...


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Yes... Something like the Barricade 3 pack. Just wish the side accessory pocket was bigger.
It's pretty big. I throw pretty much everything I would want in there without much issue. The only thing I can't throw in there is clothing bigger than like socks.