Smaller Grip


Oh damn.

I used a metal frame today, a really thin one, idk its a dunlop max lite or something. I play with it very well, i would say my forehand is heavier (but lacked some control) with this than my current frame but that's the only stroke thats better.

When I was playing with it my thumb started hurting so i put it down, is this because of the small grip or the frame? The grip is like 4 (smaller than 1/8). I feel like i should pull this out every time im losing to get my score back up but i can't use it for the whole match since my thumb will die.

joe sch

Old school rackets with the smaller heads play best with larger grips and less western grips. IMO eastern works best. If your more western and played too small of a grip with a heavier old school racket then you will probably have some discomfort leading to pain due to the different hitting response from the racket.