Smelly grips!

What's with the smelly grips?
I first encountered this a few months ago when I started demoing a bunch of rackets.

It's a white grip.
Putrid odor. Somewhat perfumey.
Smelled up my car big time.
Then took them home and smelled up my home!

Who would want to buy scented grips?
What's next, scented rackets?
Nah, I don't think that's it.
I'm talking 8+ grips all with the same odor.
The likelihood that 8+ different people all have the same sweaty odor?
No, not buying it.
It's a white grip.

Add to that the likelihood that all the non-white grips
I demo'd didn't have this smell?
It happens to me once and the only "fix" was to replace the grip... A few months ago I also got a used tennis racquet that came with a funny/bad smell and it came from the strings (wilson sensetionals) I leave the racket outdoor for a few days for "ventilation" but the smell was still there. had to cut out the strings.