So are European tennis fans more "fragile" than other places?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by DNShade, May 17, 2009.

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    Just wondering since once again in Madrid (as was the case indoors) they have the "safety netting" up like the tennis players are hitting foul balls or something. Same thing in the rest of the European indoor season - Paris etc. I meant to throw this out there earlier in the week when I first saw it but just remembered. Just wondering what the reason is? Anyone know?

    I'm been to plenty of pro events with seating just the same here in the states and other parts of the world - and never run into this type of thing. Just curious if it's an insurance thing or something. I would think it would really be annoying for the live spectator and I'm sure for getting camera shots for TV - even though they often shoot through it. Just seems strange to me and something I haven't really seen other places. Let me know.

    And of course just kidding with the thread title - no offense to our euro spending friends.
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    Nah, it is just that we euros are ****-poor and we steal the balls if we get our dirty hands on them.

    Seriously, no idea, TBH I hadn't noticed it, but I would be surprised if it was some insurance stuff, I'd like to think we have a more sensible approach to damage lawsuits here, if the news and law soap-operas are anything to go by.
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    the spanish might attack anyone who beats Rafa, its a precaution

    in soccer matches the fans have been known to thrown bottles and coins at players and officials

    its because europeans aren't classy like americans


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