So Delpo is back to the slice...


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Djokovic deserved to win... I don't think Delpo played badly... In fact, he looked really good but Djoker was just unreal.

What concerns me is the Delpo going to the slice so often.
The slice was to djokovic not change direction of the ball too easy. Slow down the points so delpotro could get in position . It's what i think. I think delpo played well too , just some forehands he shouldnt miss, without these mistakes he could have taken a set from djokovic.


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Novak would have beaten anyone out there.

Too many unforced errors by Del Potro. He was pressing cause Novak was getting everything back.

I like the slice backhand. It gives players more time to regroup especially load up on the forehand when it becomes available


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Del Potro probably should have pulled off that 2nd set, but other than that he got outplayed.

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problem in this matchup is that unless they're on a much faster court, Djokovic can neutralize all of Del Po's weapons. to be perfectly clear, Del Potro has a great two-hander, it's just not better than Novak's. his forehand is bigger, certainly, but so much of what he has to do on a court like Ashe is to sell out everything to try to tee off on balls hit to that side. even for an all-time great FH, that translates into low percentage tennis. moreover, all of Del Po's slices are designed to force Novak to hit balls to his FH. problem is that Novak's slice is better than Del Po's, and the superior two-hander means he can drive anything other than a perfect slice thus pushing Del Po back and neutralizing his ability to go more quickly onto offense. and we already know about the return of serve. I could make an argument that for much of the match Del Potro was actually returning serve better than Novak, but Novak is not trying to hit bombs on serve the way Del Potro is. so for Djokovic to be getting an extremely high percentage of serves back against him pays much bigger dividends than does Del Potro returning at a superlative level against Djokovic. you could see that as the match went on, Del Potro was having to pull off miracles and draw on every single Argentinian fan in attendance to try to get on equal footing in sets. Novak looked fresher for the duration of the Final than he looked during any previous match in the tournament; all of Del Po's strategic maneuvering wasn't wearing Novak down in the slightest. indeed, trying to hang with Djokovic on the latter's terms wore Del Potro out.


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Sloppy match from both sides imo. Tons of unforced errors on delpo fh. tons of missed first serves from djoker and plenty of unforced on his side too. delpo played pretty bad imo but he doesn't have what it takes to beat djoker and I think rafa would have done the same to him had he not messed his knee up.