So how will the points / ranking system work?


I see that more and more tournaments are getting cancelled. Washington, Basel, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghaï, and probably more to come.
What happens if tennis is back in late August (as planned now)? Will Medvedev, Zverev,... lose their 1000, 600... points in Shanghaï? Will Federer and Djokovic lose the 500 points they won in Basel and Tokyo?
If the USO plays out but Nadal skips it, he loses 2000 points but if it the tournament is cancelled after all, he gets to keep his 2000 points?
How about the big tournaments that won't be replaced this year (Indian Wells, Miami, Wimbledon)... do the players keep the points until the tournament takes place in 2021?
It's going to be a big mess. There will be a lot of frustrated players. Anyone here has more informations, or are we all in a fog?


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Rafa keeps his 2000 US Open points no matter what.
Rafa keeps his US Open points, Rafa keeps his Rome points, and Rafa keeps his Roland Garros points.


Atp ranking system is a 24 months cycle(at 31.12.2020) now as opposed to last 12 months so all points from 01.01.2019 stay and players can only improve on their totals.

Quite simple actually
If there are any tournaments held, and player do better then last year they gain points, if its canceled they keep points

Starting 01.01.2021 they start dropping points, provided things get back to normal.
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