So how's the Radical XT MP?


Head fudges those numbers. The Radicals have felt stiffer than all the other Graphenes put together. However, I know a 5.0 that rocks with a Graphene Rad MP.


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same here..not a fan of the XT add...stiffer..less feel...but that is just me...
lost some butter

Frans Bleker

Demo'd it. So I expected the stiffness ratings to be well, a bit misleading (63 RA), but a bit didn't really cover it. It was strung up with Yonex poly tour pro, first I thought it was the string that made it uncomfortable, but after doing some readings on the string it did not seem to be the stiffest string. Overall I found the frame to be really uncomfortable, when you hit it in the sweetspot it's fine but when its off or you hit the frame it's just killing my arm. It felt more like 70+ RA than 63 RA.

Also demo'd the XT Prestige Pro, I was kind off curious about this one. This was actually a pretty nice mold (63RA), despite being an XT it was really flexible and soft, sometimes it felt a bit hollow and cheap though, but overall pretty nice.


the old graphene rad mp was surprisingly good, though hard on the arm. the xt mp is too light and whispy imo. the xt rad pro is also surprisingly good, though still hard on the arm.