so im sitting here with a volkl v-engine 10 mid.........

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by brijoel, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. brijoel

    brijoel Rookie

    Mar 9, 2004
    to my suprise, i found one of these babies to demo at a local shop this afternoon!!!
    as ive recently posted, my trusty pro staff 6.0 85 (slightly modified) has begun its aging process and is dying a slow death(sort of). she has already begun to get fractures in the lower hoop, so her time here is limited. lol.
    i started searching the local shops for prices and demos to compare with TW. amazing stuff around, these guys have more variety of stock than TW does.
    anyways, just thought id let everyone know im headed out after i finish typing this up to play with the v-engine 10 mid, and will be recieving my demos of the estusa pbp, volkl tour 10 mid, head i prestige, and pro kennex laver type-c. all will get a review in this thread afterwards :D .
    my v-engine review will be up this afternoon.
    PS: i must say the v-engine 10 in the store, regardless of the good v at the bottom, is absolutely stunning in person. my demo is an oddly painted prototype looking thing though, lol.

    be back in a few hours boys and girls 8)
  2. @wright

    @wright Hall of Fame

    Feb 19, 2004
    Please do put up a review, brijoel, I'm interested in how that bat plays. BTW You'll love the estusa, they are great hitting racquets. It'll be interesting to hear your comparison of the estusa and v-engine 10.
  3. Phil

    Phil Hall of Fame

    Feb 11, 2004
    In a tent, along the Silk Road
    So whaddya want, a medal? No one really needs an up-to-the-minute update of your life. Come back when you're ready to post the review.
  4. brijoel

    brijoel Rookie

    Mar 9, 2004
    phil, ya dont hafta be such an ass......i was just trying to be friendly, but i suppose i could just act like a jerk. sorry i upset you :roll: with it. and thanks for the usefull info ~sigh~


    wow.....maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe the old c10 pro/c10 pro tour i tested awhile back was just much better than this one.
    the vokl v-engine was just plain okay.

    groundies were meiocre, the balance of the racquet felt very awkward. it felt like i was playing with a head heavy racquet for some reason. the string pattern was fine in terms of the ability to generate spin, although i suppose the ball staying on the racquet so long due to the flex helped too. my biggest complaint was i has having trouble keeping the ball DOWN. i normally hit with a semiwestern forehand grip and had to go full western to produce some extra spin to bring the ball back down. it didnt feel like the racquet was overpowered necesarily, but it just seemed to have less control compared to the c10 pro from what i remember. the racquet also wasnt very maneuverable despite the much lighter weight compared to even my pro staff. to be sure i wasnt just having issues with the slightly larger head, i pulled out my precision response ti to hit with a bit. sure enough it was fine. picked up the v-engine again, still awkward. backhands (i hit OHBH's) were about the same as forehands, had to really generate some spin to keep em down, but overall ya just really hafta follow through, there is no half way with this racquet for groundies. it doesnt like mid swing adjustments IMO.

    volleys werent as wierd feeling as the groundies, but the racquet still felt kinda sluggish but when i was able to get setup it wasnt too bad and had a nice "mushy" feel which kinda comes in handy on returning hard hit balls. overall a very stable racquet at net, but not much more.

    i had a real hard time finding a good groove with serves using this racquet. spin serves were alright, but nothing compared to what i can normally get and later on did get outta the pro staff. flats were decent with a muted feel. wasnt exactly able to hit bombs with it. in fact it was lacking a little power compared to the pro staff as well as the precision response ti. still though, it was fairly consistent in terms of placement.

    overall, the sweet spot was pretty high in the head, which isnt a bad thing, the racquet is very stable and is quite flexible at the throat, the head didnt seem to give in quite as much, but that isnt saying much, lol. for those that care, it had that rediculous ping noise, but perhaps that was because the strings were quite loose, well, way more than what im used to. most of what i didnt like was the lack of feedback compared to my pro staff. it was as if the racquet was doing a lot more of the work and just kind of ignored me. i prefer to be the only thing in control of the racquet, and i really just didnt feel that way with the v-engine. it was just mediocre, and i didnt think it was as nice as the c10. also, the "V" doesnt seem to be much more than a gimmick from what i could feel. if you like volkls my suggestion is to stock up on the c10s or c10 pro tours.

    once again, just my take on it. unless i see something amazing in the next racquets up for demo i guess im just gonna hafta stick with my damn fragile pro staff.
  5. womackD

    womackD New User

    Feb 23, 2004
    I had nothing but good things to say about the V Engine 10. The only problems i seemed to have was with my one handed backhand, and blocking back serves. I usually complain about the muted feel of the Volkl sticks and this one was no different, but much more tolerable than most.. I definetly like the V Engine 10 more than the V Engine 9 and Diablo Midplus.

    I hit for about an hour with the LM Prestige Mid Plus. My feelings about the stick are inconclusive, because the demo string was terrible. However, it is noticeably more flexible and manuverable than the I prestige Midplus but not as solid/stable off the ground. The racket could definetly use a little more mass in the hoop.

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