So let me get this right: NO racquets have the rectangular head handle shape anymore?

I think Yonex and Volkl are more rectangular than round too. Not to the degree that Head used to make, but still not round.

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It doesn't make a lick of sense to me, rectangular is the most ergonomic, and may I add, user friendly (once acclimated) of handle shapes IMO.


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I do find it very surprising that Head would abandon their grip shape after so long. They dont even make the TK82 pallets anymore i think!

I would love to know what all the Head tragics think about this.... the TK82S feels so rounded its almost like Prince.


Actually, there is at least one current racquet with the traditional handle shape, but it will not do you any good. I was in the shop a few weeks ago holding the various Extreme models, and the PWR model has the traditional handle shape. Of course the person working in the show had no clue, so I called TW to ask them about it, and the racquet tech I talked to said the PWR model in each line has a different shape -- and no pallets. Not sure if that is correct, or why they would do that, but after playing with Head for many years I can tell the difference between the TK82 shape and the TK82S shape, and the PWR model I was holding has the TK82 shape.

So I ordered another 6 sets of TK82 pallets from the UK, just in cases.