So what's the excuse for Roddick's behavior now?

So another tournament, and another incident where Roddick is being a whining jerk. So what is the excuse this time? I can hear them now, it was in the heat of competition, everyone else acts that way, Roddick didn't mean it, etc.

The funny thing, was that this time it was against Todd Martin, who is probably one of the most respected sportsmanlike players on tour. And in all honestly, Martin didn't do anything wrong, he abided by the rules. Roddick just acted that way cause it went against him.

Yah Roddick and Martin played it down during the interviews later, but c'mon, how many times should these things happen before people actually admit, "You know, Roddick was wrong and acted like a jerk"

The guy deserves to be #2 in the world, and it was great that he finally got past the second round, but he really needs to learn some decorum. It should be a positive that he got past the second round, but he tarnished it himself.

So let's hear the excuses for him this time.


This why the french all the amerians obnoxious :twisted:


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My response is as follows: "Why does anyone need to make excuses for him ?" In the grand scheme of things, his behavior is mild compared to Mac, Connors, Nastase, Rios, Hewitt, a younger Agassi, etc. etc. Maybe you think everyone should act like Edberg or Federer, but that isn't realistic. My follow up question is why don't you post this question when someone else acts up ? It's all relative, but posters like you are pretty much obsessed with finding some flaw with Roddick. Well, he has flaws, congratulations, now move on with your existence.

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Camilio and atatu,

Come on, guys! You've got to jump on the bandwagon! Lets not forget that Roddick also kicks canes out of the hands of little old ladies, steals little girls' candy and hates puppies and kittens. How dare you say that he's not the Devil?

I also wonder how these people act themselves.....
Get off his back. You guys are watching his behavior under a microscope. What a trivial matter to be getting riled up about. Martin overreacted due to the frustration of not being able to beat Roddick when he was down. Martin should retire. No, I'm not a Roddick fan, just an impartial observer.

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It would really be interesting to have another coming of a connors, mcenroe or nastase. Roddick has really been failing miserably. He needs some real history lessons. Hopefully he is saving his best stuff for the coming matches. The FO is a great place to practice these skills :wink:


Yea, It appears to me that he doesn't even know the rules. When Safin argues with the umpire he makes it so damn funny, remember when he asked the umpire if he could hit him!!! :lol:

And I never really liked him (in case you didn't notice :wink: )

Watch out now, I will have Susan on my back before you know it!

Andy simply didn't know the rules. He wasn't disrespecting Todd.
Roddick victory overshadowed by Martin row

PARIS (AFP) - Reigning US Open champion Andy Roddick advanced to the second round of the French Open (news - web sites) with a straight sets win over fellow American Todd Martin.

Roddick, the second seed, won through 7-6 (7/5), 6-4, 7-5 and next meets Frenchman Olivier Mutis.

But the match was overshadowed by a controversial incident which led to the players leaving the court with jeers ringing around the main Philippe Chatrier Court.

The row started when Martin stopped playing a point after he believed a Roddick shot was out despite having carried on having returned the first ball to his opponent.

"I knew he didn't argue the validity or the accuracy of whether the ball was in or out but I felt like he thought I bent the rules in order to win the point," said 33-year-old Martin.

"His argument was with the umpire. He didn't understand the rule and I believe him. I think that's my mistake.

"I made a royal-you-know-what out of myself and unfortunately that could reflect badly on Andy and that's my fault.

"The rule is Andy hit a ball and it was out. But I have a split second to play the ball from the bounce to my racquet. I am allowed to play that ball and then stop and decide whether that ball was in or out.

"I hit it like it was in. As the ball was flying back to the other side of the net, I peeked at the mark, it was out, I stopped. Basically, I needed to call it out right away.

"At the end, I just said to him I was disappointed with the way the situation had been handled," added the former US and Australian Open finalist.

Roddick also tried to cool the fallout after the match.

"It was just a misunderstanding," said the US Open champion.

"I was questioning the rule, if you have to stop immediately or if you could hit one shot and circle a mark. That's about it.

"We talked about it in the locker room and he explained his stance. I explained mine. It's not a big deal."


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New a$$hole, new Roddick-bashing thread. Ho hum.


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I'm not going to get on anyone's case -- this time. :lol:

I think the views here were fairly presented. And I can see where some folks are tiring at the efforts to exaggerate everything bad Andy does, and to downplay everything good he does. That's what I find annoying. If folks would just strike a balance, it would make Roddick fans a lot less defensive about the criticism, which he does deserve at times. As mentioned above, he's tame compared to Connors and McEnroe, and even Hewitt and Safin. He just really gets under a few folks' skin, and can't win for losin'. :lol:

And it was an unfortunate incident. I like Todd a lot, too, and I think both players overreacted -- Andy to what Todd did, and Todd to Andy's raising the issue with the umpire.

But like the sportsmen they are, they talked about it, and resolved it in the locker room, and downplayed it in the press. I don't think it will affect their friendship in the long run -- and it made for some interesting press.

BTW, Rafael is at Roland Garros -- watching the action from the stands. He's hoping to be back by Wimbledon.

The thing I don't like is that when Nalbandian complained about something at USO last year...Roddick yelled at him "don't even go there" and "don't be a *****/pansy"....

Meanwhile he whines regularly. I think he's lucky Nalbandian didn't hear the comment or shrugged it off...because I have the feeling Nalbandian would best Andy in a physical confrontation ;-)


Call it nitpicking or being too critical of Andy but this in one way shows why a lot of people don't like how Andy carries himself on court. I don't like his game but I have a lot of appreciation for his fight. I wish he could calm himself down sometimes and let his racket do the talking. It's bad enough that you see too much of him on ESPN but when he engages himself in a banter with the umpire about a point that happened 5 minutes ago, it is just not enjoyable to see.