Socks with individual toe holes.

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So I got some of these a few weeks ago to see if they could help mitigate my toes turning into basically hoof points.

Durability is horrendous as holes form in the big toe area by about the 3rd wearing. And don't use them in tennis as blisters start happening on the toes within an hour.

Definitely a sock that doesn't like much friction!


Do people still buy those? I thought that fad disappeared in 2005.
They are still being made, but not really fashionable. I actually do like minimalist shoes. Five fingers went a little to far. Injinji socks I have a few pairs. I do know a few people who still buy toed socks. They do seem to wear quickly when placed in normal shoes.


I use them in my Vibram Fivefinger shoes in winter. Some people do swear by them when used during trail running, in “normal” shoes. Causes them less blistering