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    Feb 4, 2009

    Q: How does it feel to come back to Paris as the 2009 runner-up, back when the championship was won by the Swiss Roger Federer?

    A: Everybody likes going back to a tournament in which you've done well the year before. However, I've played here many times. I have good memories and others that are bad, even terrible; playing badly and losing early. You've got to focus on yourself; nothing else will work.

    Q. "He threw away matches he should have won. He was upset by the wind, by the crowd, by things that weren't under his control". Those are some of your coach's words.

    R. Magnus Norman has helped me. We've argued a lot, both in the beginning of our partnership and still now, to make progress. I'm not the kind of person to nod and do what I'm told without asking any questions. I always want to ask questions. I always argue in order to make progress in our work.

    P. Have you been training the mental aspect of the game?

    R. Yes, but I still get angry on court! My temperament has won me many matches, but people only talk about those it has made me lose. It's true that my character has made me lose some matches... it's something we're working on. We talk a lot about it.

    Q. And what do you say?

    A. That it all boils down to my way of thinking. I used to focus in my feelings, in my game. But winning is what matters!

    Q. Your countryman Stefan Edberg used to cover his head with a towel when switching sides. So do you. Why?

    A. I don't even know when I started doing that. It's something I do when I'm playing in a large court, with many people around, a lot of activity. It's good for me to cover my eyes, take a towel, cover myself so that I can concentrate in what I must do in the next game.

    Q. What were you thinking down there when playing against Nadal?

    A. Same as always: "What's winning me points?".

    Q. And what was it?

    A. Striking the ball really well. Serving very well. That allowed me to dictate with my forehand since the beginning. I did a great job with the ball with my forehand and managed to put pressure on him. That's what one has to do against a player like Rafa.

    Q. Is there any player who can repeat what you did in 2009?

    A. There are at least 20 who can win Roland Garros.

    Q. So many?

    A. Of course. Nadal and Federer are just the most likely to do it.

    Q. Many experts claim that your best surface is fast hard court.

    A. The fact that many people say it doesn't make it true.

    Q. Is the press unfair for depicting you as an angry Swede?

    A. Who cares! That's OK with me. What matters to me is the opinion of the people who really know me. It's really hard to satisfy everyone. It's a given that not everyone likes me. I have to accept that. It would be too difficult, too tough, to be thinking all the time about what people think or journalists write.

    Q. You had said you were going to play in Nice because you wanted to get used to clay before Roland Garros, play some matches... But, as in Madrid, you lost in the first round.

    A. One match is more than zero! [laugh]
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    Mar 7, 2010
    Thanks. Nice interview.
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    Aug 10, 2009
    I like players like him who don't feel the need to state the same PC bullsh1it in every interview.
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    This is a very interesting point he makes here. If he tries to rein in his temperament, will that really help him to win more matches? I guess pros have to be really careful when they try to introduce new tweaks to their game, the balance must be very delicate and a small improvement in a particular place could throw off something more important.

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