soft hand? wot?

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  1. wyutani

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    wot is soft hands? how do you get soft hands? is it in the wrist?

    is there a way i can practice getting soft hands.
  2. bukaeast

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    Sep 15, 2007
    Have you played mini tennis - rallying slowly and softly with someone when you are both inside the service line? Your grip is not tight, but loose.

    Have you tried to rally on a wall about 4-5 ft from it. Use one bounce to reply, slowly and softly.

    These are the basis for soft hands. If you use this technique/feel on a faster ball, your racket will absorb a lot of the force of the ball. (you have to adjust the grip a bit firmer so the really hard ball will not knock the racket out of your hand.)

    A slower softer ball will not fly long for you, but still be controled.

    It's a start.
  3. In D Zone

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    WHAZ a WOT? please define...

    Cross court volleys drills with a partner. This is 4.0 drill I learned and it really helps.

    Start at the end of the net post; stand about 5 ft away from the net.
    Pass the ball across to your partner with soft volleys.
    Volley from one end to the opposite end of the court. Does not matter letting the ball bounce, try to get to the ball. Make sure you don't volley hard. If you miss the ball, re-start immediately from where you stop.
    Repeat 3 complete sets.

    It doesn't sound hard - but this drill can be tiring. Lots of short quick steps involved.

    This will work on your volley skills (soft touch, focus, hand /eye coordination) while you are in motion. Incorporate this drill as part of your warm up.
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  4. In D Zone

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    Apr 5, 2006
    Half court Tennis:

    Play mini tennis- both players stand right behind the service line.
    Rally using short compact swing (like a half volley), short top spin strokes, even slice.
    Goal is to hit the ball within the service box.
    This will work on your footwork, strokes (soft touch), hand /eye coodination and control.

    Goal for the drill - keep the ball in play for at least 10 shots.
  5. Nellie

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    Oct 4, 2004
    Soft hands (although you will need a relaxed grip and to avoid tensions in the wrist) is based on moving the racquet back at contact with your arm, rather than holding the racquet firmly (like a wall) to have the ball bounce off your racquet with a lot of force. think of it as catching the ball with the racquet.

    You can practice tossing the ball in the air and catching it/spinning the ball with your racquet.
  6. naylor

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    When you play this, the feeling you should have is that you're swinging slowly and wrapping the racket + strings over the ball (or under the ball, if doing sliced backhands), so the ball is cupped and in contact with the strings over an extended period of time.
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