Soft or Plush Poly Strings

I haven't had to opportunity to play with many strings as I mostly used ytex quadro twist for a few years but recently i've wanting to try something different. I remember using one of my friends frames and he had it strung up with luxilon 4g. I know that 4g is marketed as a stiff string and many say it kills their arm. However based on my experience it felt very plush and comfortable and it was strung up in a pure drive tour so stiff frame as well. Did anyone else experience this "plush" feel from 4g as well? Right now I plan to get Hyper G 17 in mains because it supposedly feels close to 4g just a bit more soft so until I know for sure i can't that amount money for 4g. I was then going to put in tour bite 17 as my crosses to get that stiffer feel 4g is known for. Anyone think this work or be what im looking for? And if so I know that poly's are not revered as plush or soft but are there any other polys that you would call plush or soft? Thanks.


I would not label 4G as a 'plush' string. To me, it is Zombie dead. It does not vibrate a lot, which some label as 'plush.' Similar strings would be Signum Pro Poly Plasma [SPPP] or Kirshbaum Proline II, X or Evolution. They are also part of the Walking Dead family. :D

Hyper G will be more crispy feeling. Depends on what you are looking for.

The Walking Dead strings still need to be replaced by the 16-20 hour mark. The Hyper G around the 12 hour mark. YMMV.


Regular Poly - Luxilon ALU Power 16L (Silver is stiff, Ice Blue and Purple are softer).
Soft Poly - Volkl V-Torque TOUR 17g / 18g

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I like Head Sonic pro, it’s imo like a cross between a poly and multi. Unique feel. Some hate it. I think it combines some of the aspects between a soft hit and the control of a stiffer poly. Head Lynx is also a good soft poly. I do not like dead polys if they’re not strung at a low tension. Then they’re ok imo.


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While it lacks the spin characteristics of typical poly, Tecnifibre X-Code is about the plushest feeling poly-based string I have tried. The PU and bundled multifilament construction make the string very comfortable and, although it doesn't add spin to your shots, it provides some added control.

There have been strings combining poly and other materials (internal hybrid concepts) attempting to create a best-of-both-worlds string -- Head FXP Tour and Lux M2 come to mind. This type of string might be worth checking out in your search, as well. IMO, all of these options are very compromised compared to suitable hybrids, especially in the added-spin department.

Right now, I am using natural gut/poly hybrids and digging the heck out of them. I am still zeroing in on tension and string combinations, but this seems to be working out with cost being the only real downside.
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The plushest setup I've tried so far is the Cyber Flash hybrid in my signature below. You can also use Hexy Fiber for the crosses for even better spin, but a little more shock/plowthru feel. This hybrid is a must try if you want plush using a poly.