Solinco Tour Bite voted the poly/spin of 2011 in stringforum


The string vote result just came out. It's interesting to see Solinco Tour Bite rising up the top in 2 categories (poly and spin) and in top 5 of other categories, and there is only one entry for Luxilon ALU Power Rough. This is similar to what I heard from a string room at Thailand Open 2011. My stringer friend strung more Tour Bite and less ALU Power Rough this year.

Poly String Of 2011
1 Solinco Tour Bite 144
2 Tecnifibre Black Code 138
3 MSV Focus - HEX® 119
4 Signum Pro Tornado 87
5 Kirschbaum Pro Line No. II 75
6 Luxilon Big Banger Ace 74
7 Signum Pro Poly Plasma 61
8 Prince Beast XP 58
9 WeissCANNON Silverstring 57
10 Luxilon Adrenaline Rough 55
11 WeissCANNON Scorpion 52
12 Genesis Black Magic 43
13 MSV Co-Focus 30
14 Signum Pro Hyperion 22
15 Topspin Cyber Twirl Natural 11

1 Solinco Tour Bite 18 163
2 Signum Pro Tornado 1.23 157
3 Babolat RPM Blast 1.30 137
4 Signum Pro Plasma HEXtreme 1.25 83
5 Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 1.25 73
6 Luxilon Big Banger Ti-Mo 18 56
7 Pro Supex Blue Gear 1.25 48
8 Topspin Cyber Twirl Black 1.27 29
9 Polystar Turbo 1.25 28
10 Isospeed Pyramid 1.30 20


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How can a string that was introduced years ago be a contender for String of 2011?
Spiky SharK? Lux BB Ace? C'mon, what kind of poll is this anyway?
And Tourna Big Hitter nowhere to be found?
Let's give the Grammy to Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd!
Nothing against Tour Bite.
PSGD and Lightning XX are among the 5 best selling strings in the US. So what?
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Ratings are always subjective. But, I think the fact that Signum Pro has the most strings in the 2 categories should tell you something. I am a big fan of Signum Pro poly strings. Currently have reels of Tornado 17G and Hyperion 17G and like them both a lot.