Solinco Tour Bite vs Golden Set Snake Bite vs Volkl Cyclone


I just bought a Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro and had it strung with Solinco Tour Bite (54lbs). I took a gamble since the company I purchased the racquet from did not have Volkl Cyclone strings which are my usual strings. Anyhow, after I tried the racquet for the first time, I was really impressed. I liked the feel and output of the Tour Bite. It has got me wondering how my Graphene Speed Pro would fare with a full bed of Cyclone or even SnakeBite (which is the other string I used to use before). Thoughts?
In a dense string pattern racquet, I found Cyclone to be more powerful and springy feeling, and Tour Bite to have a slightly higher launch angle, a bit more spin, but also harsher on off-center hits. I have not tried SnakeBite.

dr. godmode

I can compare TB with SB. TB has much better feel. Spin is basically the same, durability maybe a slight edge to SB. SB, to me at least, holds it playability for a very long time and there isn't a huge tension drop off either. I think this is due to an extremely dead feel, so there isn't much for it to lose. I ended up hybriding it with Revolve to soften up the bed, as I found it jarring at times. I think TB is a better string, but when you factor in price, SB is really hard to beat.

I played with Snakebite from 2012 until just recently when I switched to Black Bear Bear Claw. BC performs almost identically to SB, but the response is way softer. I was shocked at how familiar it felt. Basically BC cured the main issue I had with SB, that is, jarring on off center shots.

I do not have easy access to Cyclone so I can't compare. Hyper-G is another popular poly, but I don't think it's more plasticky feel would pair well with the dampened feel of G360.

Feel: TB>>>BC>SB
Durability/Tension maintenance: BC>SB>>>TB
Control:BC>SB>TB (this is pretty arbitrary though. Very similar control levels)