If you guys could pick any shaped Solinco poly (Revolution, Hyper G, or Tour Bite), which one would you pick and why?


Bionic Poster
I liked Hyper G a lot but I unfortunately can't use it. After 4 hours of play, my shoulder felt like somebody punched me there. trying tourbite next but I heard it is just a cheaper and watered down version of Luxilon alu power.


Just gave Hyper G 16l a go and the spin was awesome, but! I will stick with 18g ProLine II.


I'm a big fan of Tour Bite (16l my favorite), it's the crispness of the string that i like (very crisp) and the very spin friendly (if not the most spin string I have played with) and phenomenal control Revolution is (to me) best described as a softer version of Tour Bite, just not as stiff/crisp..and less spin. Revolution feels like a thicker gauge Tour Bite. I haven't hit with Hyper G, but reports mention it to be softer again. I was expecting STB to be very stiff (based on the stiffness ratings in the review) and was a bit apprehensive because of my sensitive wrist, however, my arm loves it.