Some comments on Yonex RDX 500 mid size


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I received this racquet(L3 grip size) last week and was planning on having a thorough play test but I haven't got the 'right' strings/tension in it yet so I'll delay posting a full review until I get the strings sorted out. I think I'll need a lower tension and less soft strings.

Impressions so far:

1) It's well weighted and balanced, not whippy or sluggish(Tour 1 MP). At 320g unstrung it may be too light for some users.

2) It doesn't feel like it has a flex as low as 60 RDC but it's softer feeling than the MP Tour 1 MP and stiffer feeling than a RD ti-50 MP.

3) Like all Yonex frames I've tried, imparting spin is very easy. Hitting sharp angled strokes from the FH and BH side is easy.

4) I don't get the 'buttery' feeling TW reviewers found. Although my choice of string and tension may have something to do with it.

5) On serve my current string tension feels too high for getting enough bite and 'dwell' time on the ball but even so the racquet had good accuracy on flat serves.