Some familar/relative of H. Briggs (first French Open champion)?


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Not much seems to be known about him, not even what the 'H' stood for in his first name. All that is known is that he was a British national resident in Paris and was a member of the Club Stade Francais which gave him the right to participate in the inaugural Amateur French National Championships, the foreunner of the later French Open, in 1891 which he won, beating a French player in straight sets.

Until 1925, only members of French tennis clubs were allowed to participate in the tournament. In 1925, when amateur tennis players from outside France were allowed to take part, the ITF designated it as one of the 4 Grand Slams. In 1969, like the other Grand Slams, it became 'open' to all players, amateur and professional and was henceforth known as the French Open.

H. Briggs is listed as the tournament's first champion and one of only 2 British men to win it, the other being Fred Perry in 1935.