Some forehands and Backhands, Any tips?


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Good to see the video, though it's a little short. Gotta be more patient, some of the experts should come along. Needless to say, I am not one of them.

You are active on your feet and split step, plus all the shots go back over the net, so that's good. FH has good follow through as well.
I think you need

1) more upper body rotation on both FH and BH, in that during your unit turn/setup, you need to turn so that your shoulder blades are facing your opponent. As you then turn into your forward swing, this will give your shots more power.
2) on the BH, more of a step into the shot with a heel to toe transfer(you do the step-in in your video, but only sometimes) and contact further out in front .
3) BH, a lot of advice here is about not using the pendulum swing back to setup your back hand, but use more of a C-shape take back like Federer, with the Racquet starting out vertical and facing the side fence during the unit turn.


Not bad! You could use more unit turn, back and forth, on both sides, and less independent arm swing. Swing more with your body rotation and less with your arm.

On forehand, your hips should face the side fence and your chest past the side fence on the backswing with your hand remaining in front of your sternum, little if any independent arm swing. On the follow through, your chest should be facing the other side fence. Also, try taking the racquet back with your left hand on the throat of the racquet and the racquet head pointing staight up. Release the left hand at the finish of your backswing. Also, keep your elbow IN and FORWARD in your backswing and forward swing to contact where your elbow raises up to execute the WW finish.

With a 1hb, there is a bit more independent arm swing, mostly after contact. But, your unit turn back and forth should be longer than what it is. I also don't favor the wrist curl you do in your backswing. To me, that's an unecessary variable that doesn't add anything.
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