Some Grand Slam Commentary After this year's U.S. Open

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    In the open era, 19 players have reached 10 or more Slam semifinals, Andy Murray is the only player with a losing record (5-6) in semifinal matches.

    Djokovic has now reached the same number of Slam semifinals as Bjorn Borg - 17. However, Borg was far more successful when he reached that stage, as he was 16-1 in semifinal matches and won 11 Slams. Djokovic is 9-8 in semifinal matches and has won 5 Slams.

    Novak has also now reached more semifinals at the two most prestigious tennis tournaments, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open than his rival, Rafa Nadal.

    The "Big 4" each have a quarterfinal slam streak that is among the 6 longest in the open era. Federer - 34 (1st all time), Djokovic - 14 (tied for 2nd All Time), Nadal - 11 (4th all time), Murray - 8 (6th All Time).

    Novak became one of just 5 players (Federer (3), Connors (2), Lendl (2), and Borg to have reached at least 6 consecutive semifinals at the same slam.

    In the open era, there have been 12 occasions, where a player has won 24 or more Grand Slam matches in a season. Federer (5), Laver (1), Wilander (1), Nadal (2), Lendl (1), and Djokovic (2).
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    Murray's QF streak is only at 8. He lost to Stan in R3 at the 2010 USO.
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