Some Noob's (3.5-4.0) String Review Thread.


In light of my recent endeavors to try and find my holy grail budget string setup, I've decided to post a few random reviews while using this thread as a log and place holder for all my future reviews. Be nice to me as I don't know wth i'm doing :).

First things first!

My game style and I:
Title: The Weekend Warrior: I try to get out alot more then just the weekends, but its just hard. I play 3+ times a week in 1-2 hours sessions. I don't break strings often, but I personally think thats due to my flat shots, dense string pattern and how little I actually play.
Ground Strokes: Relatively flat forehand. I love trying to hit a variety of top spins to really control depth and angle with some degree of success.
Backhand is a work in progress. It can be used as a weapon very rarely and recently has only been used for placement/defensive shots with the occasional flat bomb if I care to set up in time. All in all I love to swing out on my shots if my opponents let me.
Serves:Variety and control. It seems to be what my philosophy is while i try to bang(85%+) all my serves in lol. I have three serves. Kick, Penetrating, and Slice.
The slice is still in the beginning stages of getting it to work. I'm trying to focus on form and really get that side spin on there, but i can't seem to get it to swing well unless I take big cuts at the ball.
The kick depends on how well i'm seeing the ball, but I can get it to jump the opposite side when it bounces pretty often(70%). When I really have my form down it jumps pretty well. I haven't tried to bang these in yet because I've discovered its 98% form. But ironically I found that taking a aggressive swing gives me the sickest angles and the best results.
Penetrating is my go to serve down the T. It has a little bit of righty slice to it, but it definitely flies true more then it swings. When I find my contact zone I tend to kill the T and the body with them.
Keep in mind my serve %'s are still decently low. I just work on form, ball movement, and placement.

Volleys: Non-existent, but I'm working on it. lol. I really want to become an all courter, but I choke pretty ridiculously sometimes on volleys. Other times i can place em onto the line like i was doing it all my life. So, I suck at volleys.

My Journey:
Once upon a time, I bought 2 Rebels without demoing them. The end. Lol. Now i'm looking for more pop since I don't want to waste money looking for a new racket. I don't pop strings, but I can definitely kill them.

Prince Racket Tuning Experiment:
- Experiment Write Up

- Experiment#1: Forten Sweet 17@60 in 2009 Rebel with 2012 ThermoCarbon Hole Grommets.

Ahh Poly, The sin of all rec players:
BHBR17@56 in a 2009 Rebel 95

Spin: Gives you what you put in it. It can be ridiculous for people with RHS or it can be a flat bomber for people who can get to their contact zone perfectly all day. I've hit everything with this bed and loved every second of it. The variety it provided me is what sold me on this string.

Power: It's poly, so it's low. Great for me, since I love to swing out when I get the chance. Still great feedback from taking full strong swings though.

Tension: Retains beautiful pop for about 4-8 hours of rally/games for me. 4 when I get out and hit well 8 when I'm shanking like mad. I try not to kill

Serves: It really gives you what you put into it. It feels like it gives me everything I need to be able to place it where ever I want. The trajectory is exactly how I like it. Spin, directional control, pop. It doesn't make me feel like I need to swing any slower or faster to make it in. It makes me feel like I should fix my form or timing. I love it.

Ground strokes: Again the variety is amazing. Whether is slice bh, loopy topspin, short spinny drive at a volleyer's feet or a dig from a running sliding forehand slice: This string gets it done. It has great bite and feels like you can place it anywhere on the court.

Overall: I'm gonna give it a 8.5/10. It does everything great, but being able to kill it in one really good session rough. I've gone through three sets so far, but I haven't tried much else yet. I understand why all the big hitters can't love this string. It would break their wallet. My friend pops 17 in 2 hours. Ridiculous spin.
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Opinions are opinions whether from noobs or pros. I'd like to hear (read) what you have to say and think you're doing a good job so. I am also interested in those setups you listed so keep it up.
Sounds like spin don't dominate your game, why did you go with polys then?

I can see the benefit of the lower power, but there are low powered multis out there that'll give you more playing hours.


Opinions are opinions whether from noobs or pros. I'd like to hear (read) what you have to say and think you're doing a good job so. I am also interested in those setups you listed so keep it up.
Thanks for that, I really appreciate it. There are so many people trashing other people's opinions that it's nice for someone as bad in tennis as me in tennis to have some general support.

VanillaBean gets a high five.

Sounds like spin don't dominate your game, why did you go with polys then?

I can see the benefit of the lower power, but there are low powered multis out there that'll give you more playing hours.
Because I feel like I need more spin in my game. Poly just seems to get me where I want to be. Especially in my rebels. The feel and pop was intense compared to other strings I have tried. The amount of spin was pretty addicting as well. I'm in love with how well it lets me play with such a variety of shots.

My upcoming string reviews are the bhbr hybrid and the baseline control hybrid. Two completely different trajectories of the same stroke.

I have to be honest though, Synthetic guts fit my game pretty darn well, but the only reason I haven't started that part of my journey is because I have someone who is willing to string hyped up poly's for me at a fraction of the normal cost lol.

As for multi's I'll probably be doing more extensive testing soon. I've been following mikeler's reviews for a long time, but I honestly can't seem to expect the same results as he plays in a different league then I. As in he=god, me=crippled blind man with rheumatoid arthritis in both wrists and knees.

But i will be doing some reviews sooner or later.

Sorry if this is all a bit babbling I'm extremely tired from work.
I'm only asking because since you don't hit with a lot of spin, and it's not a dominating part of your game, you may not see the true benefits of polys while taking the brunt of the negatives: strings dying fast, discomfort, less arm-friendly, and etc.


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I hate to say it, but Alpha of all things, has some pretty good string and it's super cheap too. They have a wide range to choose from and from what I've seen, the string is almost a dead ringer copy of other more expensive strings... i.e. it plays and feel the same, but is more durable than the strings it tries to copy.

If you want a soft multi that's close to Babolat Xcel, try their Prodigy line. If you want a all-around synthetic gut, try their Hard Court SG. I've played with both of these and was pretty impressed given the cheap price for each of them. The HC SG string doesn't move around a lot either, which I like. It's like having the traits of a poly, but without the poly. It even lasts a much longer time than others before breaking.


I'm only asking because since you don't hit with a lot of spin, and it's not a dominating part of your game, you may not see the true benefits of polys while taking the brunt of the negatives: strings dying fast, discomfort, less arm-friendly, and etc.
The rebels cure 90% of all discomfort problems other then form. Yeah, I've noticed I can still get pretty good playability off other string types, but I got hooked on the spin lol. It's really as simple as that. It grabs onto the ball and really lets me hit anything I want.

A part of me says that, me being completely comfortable with all aspects of the string for every part of my game from serve to touch shots, is better then me finding one I'm pretty satisfied with. So far BHBR17 does most anything I need. It feels great in a hybrid, a tad mushier then I enjoy it, but def not a bad thing. Just preference.

Though I'm really going to start looking into how different strings let me play in my string journey. I understand where you are coming from Say Chi Sin Lo, as i've been on the stay away from poly bandwagon for a couple of years, but this is really something I need to feel for myself. Hence the creation of this thread and the will to test out various strings without too much personal bias (or with complete personal bias, I can't tell lol)

I've only played with 2-4 polys that i have really enjoyed and I'm not 100% sold on it. Kind of still in love with my synth guts.

On the syth gut list is Gamma because I've heard great things about it. Probably PGSD, used to play with it all the time in highschool, but I'll review it for comparison's sake. Some of the Alphas to see if what swank claims will be true for me. The Forten sweets. The Gosens. Maybe even a few premium ones if time allows.

For now I really wanna kill my bed so I can get BM in for a test run.
I stayed off of the poly bandwagon for the longest time too. Maybe I was thoroughly discouraged by 1st gen polys (anyone remembers Prince's Let R' Rip hybrid?). My first impression was: "How is this any different than kelvar?!"

Also, I'm a firm believer that your shots are what you put into it. Not what you string the racquet with. While the strings can contribute greatly at the moment of impact, I believe it has marginal effects on the outcome of the shot. People praising/crying about equipment and how they affect the outcome of their shots is BS. You can say that because a certain piece of equipment doesn't feel right, leading to a lost in confidence and thus, bad shots. That I believe.

But if you miss the line by the inches or dump the ball into the net, that's not the equipment, that's the player.

I tried many polys as a full bed, hybrid in the mains, hybrid in the crosses. All of them were annoyingly stiff and uncomfortable. Maybe because I already hit with a lot of spin, but I did not see the massive spin difference that people swear by. Even if there was, like I said it's marginal and made no significant difference in my shots.

That is until I tried gut/poly hybrid. It was the perfect blend of firmness for me. No other strings/hybrid setup gives me my perfect combination gut attributes (softness, touch/feel, power) and polys attributes (desirable stiffness in this case, but not too much of it). I still don't see the "massive spin" many users claim, but it's just perfect for me.


no need for a budget string if you never break them, id get a reel of alu power and restring them once a month maybe every 3 weeks


no need for a budget string if you never break them, id get a reel of alu power and restring them once a month maybe every 3 weeks
I was actually thinking of gut. But i want to try all the cheap and over hyped stuff first.= lol

So! Update. I have a few synth guts coming in. Putting cutting out strings on two rackets so be ready for reviews within the next two weeks!

If my job permits anyways.


Prince Racket Tuning System Experiment:

So, I just purchased both the 2012 hole grommets and the rebel team port grommets for my 2009 model Rebel 95.

Soon I will do a comparison with all three Grommet types. I'm hoping the ports will open up the sweetspot and give me the extra pop I was looking for.

In this experiment I will use 1 string set up, at one tension, all done by the same stringer. I'm debating whether to go with BHBR17, my go to poly or Forten Sweet 17, my dream budget string.

If anyone wants to donate BHBR to the cause, I'd appreciate it =P

What is expected:

Hole Grommets: Traditional sized sweet spot with plenty of directional control and consistent depth on all shots. Lacks a bit of pop sometimes, but it really allows me to let loose on all my strokes.

2012 ThermoCarbon Hole Grommets: I'm expecting to feel pretty similar. Having the thermocarbon, a stiffer material, will increase responsiveness and feel on contact with the ball. Therefore, taking away some of that "Prince Feel" that so many people love/hate. I'm expecting to be a tad more lively, while really giving me that steady control feel the normal hole grommets provide me. The thermo carbon is noticeable thicker and has larger holes as well... Interesting.

Exo3 Port Grommets: Ideally, it takes the beloved speed port technology of previous prince lines and makes it OPTIONAL and even HYBRIDABLE. Yes. I made up a word. Anyways, I expect a much more forgiving sweet spot with a noticeable amount of greater power. Losing a tad of both directional and depth control.

Future Experiment: After I have killed the strings in all three of these rackets, I will hybrid the grommets and to see If I can't get the best of both worlds. I'll have one racket with ports at 12/6 and one racket with ports at 3/9.

I know there is a thread on this already, but there was only one person who really did a write up on it. I plan to be the second with a decent writeup.

↑↑ Here it is:

<Reserved Post for Experiment>

So... I'll be around =D

EDIT: I think its cool that grommets for 3 different rackets all fit my racket. I have various grommet colors and technologies to choose from now =P
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Will be focusing on the 2012 ports tomorrow. First Hit Excited!!!!

All three rackets will be tested with forten sweet 17 @ 60 lbs. Done by the same stringer. I really have to commend forten sweet's massive playability in this frame... It's a must try for other Rebel users.


Forten Sweet 17 Review: (2012) thermocarbon grommets @ 60lbs

First session: Four Hours

Spin: Surprisingly lacking. But that is because of one thing, I came from a textured poly lol. I really forgot how much spin BHBR help me produce until I played Sweet17 in a full bed again. Pretty average for a synthetic gut, but it doesn't bit on to the ball like I'm more used to. It was really tough to hit those short fast WW forehand cross court with this string. It's probably my favorite shot when I see the server coming it to volley because I can bomb it at his feet. Great for hitting flat though. Saw a major improvement in pop of my flat 2 hander. Easier depth because of the power level of forten sweet.

Everyone said I shouldn't feel a difference in string at my level of play, but how could you not feel the difference coming from a textured poly? The ball just plain doesn't dip as hard. I really had to tone down my groundies to be sure I got it where I wanted. The kick was landing deeper in the court because of less spin and higher power, but it wasn't dipping or hopping as much for sure. I really had to get my knees in there and swing up twice as hard for the same results as BHBR. It wasn't as bad as I'm making it sound, but I was expecting a bit more.

Comfort: Do you even has to ask? It was butter. The dense pattern had a nice solid POP to it. I could miss hit anywhere on the bed and feel barely anything. It was great as I don't make the best contact in the world. it gets a 10/10 for comfort.

Feel: Great. When it's string high I can still feel the ball enough place it where ever I needed. Same with groundstrokes. I can see now why people call this mushy, but it really felt great all around for me. It's probably cause i take big swings all day. Even if most of em go out lol. This is definitely livelier then the 16g but I can't see it lasting for bigger hitters then me.

Power: The only thing I really liked was how my flatter shots seem to penetrate so much harder and much lower then BHBR. Forten Sweet 17, with the confidence it gave me because of its comfort and feel, let me really hit some nice flat shots when I got to take my big forehand or decided to hit a bigger flat two hander.

Now this string just feels ridiculously great in the rebel. The pop, the feel, the control, the COMFORT... All but the spin was there. The strings started moving maybe 45 minutes rallying with a few 3.5's and a 4.0.

Overall:I f you're looking for major comfort and decent power at a great price, get some Sweet for your game. I've always believed Synthetic guts work better at higher tensions, but I'll let you decide that.
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Did you string yourself or have it strung?

I have difficulty stringing this string. I was trying to do 55 lbs a week ago. The string just kept elongating (I have a constant pull).


I asked a friend to string it since he has a better machine and more experience then I.

This is to benefit my Prince Racket Tuning System experiment.

I have strung this string on my own several times and it does stretch quite a bit.

I've only used drop weight machines. I try not to pull it too hard and take away playability from the string, but I've never used a constant pull machine.


Hmm played a tiny bit with the ports today. Huge difference. Write up coming in about 12 hours (after work lol.)

I think I'm going to toss my favorite BHBR17 In here and give these rackets another try. After a proper write up of forten sweet17@60 though.