Some peak Roddick Gems


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Hurts? No! Itchy at most.:whistle:

Djokovic owns the H2H with EVERY SINGLE player he has played more than 10 times. Fact!
Well, at 5:4 Roddick, you could give Djok 2 free matches which would put him at 6:5. That still wouldn't exactly be "owning" Roddick...

So, Roddick looks to be a definite exception to Djok's dominance.

Prob either due to age (like Rafter:Fed = 3:0), or the fact that huge servers can somewhat neutralize Djok's great return...


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If this was actually a serious thread it could be a very good one. Roddick wasn't an ATG by any means, but in his younger years he had a serve and a FH that scared the living daylights out of everyone except Fed and perhaps Hewitt, something that is often forgotten (whether intentionally or not) here.


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OP must be a Djokovic fan, they tend to think tennis started in 2011 and therefore all tennis players peaked sometime after...


I'm a Rosewall fan, not because of his tennis, but his appearance. He has a very manly and classic look, like Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck or Frank Sinatra.

Hope some of you Fedr fans know them.