Some pictures from yesterday to enjoy on Middle Sunday

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    Sep 5, 2011
    (or what's left of Middle Sunday)

    When I go to Wimbledon I always spend pretty much the whole day at the practice courts. I love being able to see the pros' shots from such close range and you're able to see at least one of the top three for certain.

    This year the big names I managed to see were Richard Gasquet, Andreas Seppi and Novak Djokovic. Not as good as two years ago when I managed to see all the current top 4 at practice but very enjoyable nonetheless.

    Here are the links to the pictures - they can all be clicked on to be made much much larger.

    Gasquet + Seppi Practice Photos
    Gasquet generates an incredible amount of pace on his backhand with such ease - its even more astonishing to see in the flesh.

    Novak Djokovic Practice Photos

    There will be videos of both practice sessions being posted on Youtube in the next week - keep an eye out on the blog.

    I hope you enjoyed the pics :)
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    Good pics, especially the one who is Serbian.

    Kudos. :)

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