Some questions about USRSA membership (one month trial and one-year)

Discussion in 'Strings' started by sstchur, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. sstchur

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    I'm interested in trying out membership in the USRSA, and I noticed on their web site that they have a 1 month trial membership for only $9.00, which is great.

    But since I have to give my CC for the trial, does that mean they will automatically enroll me in a full one-year membership if I don't explicitly opt-out?

    Or is the trial a one-time fee and I must explicitly purchase a 1 year membership if I want it after my trail is over?

    Also, can any USRSA members comment on why you think it is worth it and what kind of benefit you feel you get from it?

    I noticed that they send out coupons for sets of strings. Are these coupons for free strings or just for discounts on strings?

    Any other reasons you feel a membership is worth it?
  2. mctennis

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Just send them a money order. No problem of them re-charging that again. I've done it several times for yearly memberships. I've also sent a personal check to them for membership also. No re-charging my checking account. I just get a new bill from them if I want to re-new or not. Hope that helps.
  3. jim e

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    Aug 4, 2007
    It is really a good orginization. You get their stringers digest twice/ year, (one just came in a few days ago),and the digest has all the latest patterns for most of the racquets out there you will string. You also get their racquet service technique manual, that has all kinds of stringing information on strings, stringing techniques, tips, stringing patterns like ATW, problems that come up, etc. etc.
    You can also call and speak to one of their technicians directly if you get into a problem stringing. You also get RSI magazine that comes out about 10 times/ year, and in most issues (8-9 out of the 10 issues), there is a coupon that you can either mail, fax, or email for free strings, and this will just about pay for the membership.(email the coupon as its the easiest).It gets you to try different strings that you may have never used , so you can then pass that knowledge that you get from that to your clients on how certain strings hit. You also get access to their entire web site, that has a # of things, like their online digest that is up to date on the most recent racquets out there. This site has racquet patterns listed that the manufactures sometimes don't even have listed on some of the newer racquets.Online is also different calculators, like lbs-kg, lockout to constant pull, swing weights,balance converter, etc.
    Also this orginization gives credibility to the craft!
    Well worth it to me, but everyones needs are different, as like anything else, what one persons likes is anothers dislikes. Its worth at least a years membership to try and see for yourself.

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