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Here is a vid of 3 rec players all hitting loop bhs. Its a thing. Just like you see loop take backs on the fh, its a thing for the bh because its better. You don’t see forehands based on musters bh takeback.

You, Matty and who?


You, Matty and who?
It says in the title. Its @ReopeningWed both are too good for me. Man I miss that old profile. Probably still have it. Reopening had that loopy jumpy spinny ball down. King of the court is a different game and that was the 1st time I played it. Its not a competitive shroud vid if he isn't getting crushed by higher ranked players...


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Open to suggestions. I kind of know what needs to be fixed:

1.Fh take back
2. Serve toss and foot work
3. volleys

Though I am not quite sure the best way or how to fix.

Also any strategy stuff would be helpful...I lost this 1-6, 5-7 and the vid shows the 2nd set from 2-3 to 5-5.

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Very nice. What UTR are you?
Currently a 6.3, in a tournament I played recently I took a 7.8 to a third set tiebreaker. But I found out the hard way that against fast players, topspin just makes the ball sit up, so I've been working on attacking my +1 ball after the serve, trying to be more comfortable flattening my ball out to change rally ball rhythm, and playing more north south through the court by taking the net but I struggle with covering passing shots and good lobs.

I was a sub 5 for a long time, but within the last year started taking my first tennis lessons as an adult and training at a clinic with a coach who used to play pro tennis and is a D1 player from UCSB.
I think 8 is within reach for me before the end of the year, and I would like to achieve 9 within the next 3 years but it would take a LOT of work and becoming much more fit. I think the biggest thing that is holding me back right now is that I'm quite heavy (205 lbs) and moving fast takes a lot of energy. Despite me being quite fit already, I catch myself not being committed enough to getting to the ball early every time as if I'm trying to conserve energy. So nowadays when I hit, I'm not necessarily thinking about the swing, but more thinking about moving with a lot of intention and controlling my spacing and being aware of my court positioning.

I don't know if I have UTR 10 in me and I've made peace with that.
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Tournaments make you play 2-3 matches a day, possibly 4 or 5 if you’re in both singles and doubles. I didn’t start playing tournaments until I was an adult, and my body would get so beaten up from playing a weekend tournament that I would have to close up shop until Wednesday.

What age did you start playing tennis?


What age did you start playing tennis?
I started playing when I was 15, wasn’t very good and was kind of a non-competitive sub-3.0. I didn’t understand how important it was to hit the ball in and swung really big for everything, then started doing basic consistency drills around 24 and moving my feet more.

Until last year I was a very mediocre 4.0, and in the last year I started to make the most progress ever, and I am still noticeably improving week after week. I’m 32 now.