thomas daniels

How well do you practice on a daily basis?

I mean.

Do you play up to your full potential in every practice or not?

Those are a few powerful questions that you need to be asking yourself today and be honest with the answers that you give.

Then get to work on becoming more productive and efficient in practice.

Here are a few quick tips to start with.

Write and think out your practice plans.

Most players don't do this and if they do, they do it half-hearted way.

The better you can get at planning before practice, the more you will get done during practice.

I have found that it helps players to monitor and use the feeedback loop process to accelerate their progress VERY fast!!


Really try to think about what you need to work on and also the weapons that you need to add to your matchplay game to compete on a consistent basis at a high-level.

After practice.

Record everything down in your journal.

The key question to ask yourself is... (How could I have been more productive today)?


Did you guys know that?

"Most players can't focus for more than 18 seconds at a time and that is why their concentration sucks in practice".

This is due to the fact that... every 8 to 10 seconds, they are being distracted by someone or something on social media, and this weakens their ability to do it on the court.

A good thing to do is to start focusing on only doing one thing at a time and when doing that one thing, never allow your mind to wander at all (master it with your will), but and this is also important, never try to force this to happen, just relax and refocus on what you are doing.

(To be honest... the best way to learn how to concentrate is through persistent practice.)


If you free yourself from thought through your deep breathing (Mushin Mindset) and just mentally be present more off the court and all throughout the day, you will start to see your concentration skills take off in no time at all and it will carry over to the practice court.

Leverage the reps.

This is the one practice tip that many players don't even know about and as a result of that fact, they stunt their progress and growth.

Which is leveraging the reps in practice.

I call it the "Power of Leverage".

Here is what I mean.

When you keep adjusting your swing after every rep, the stroke, volley or pattern starts to take shape on its own.

When that happens.

You can get out of the way and let the subconscious mind take over and do the work through YOU.


For this to happen in practice.

You must imprint the stoke by watching videos of the pros and then modeling after them as best you can and then leveraging the reps.

Okay now.

Use those practice tips to take your matchplay game to another level in months.

And let me know what you think about them.