Sony Smart Sensor....Should I keep it?


Hi all,

I ordered few week ago a sony smart sensor. I had the opportunity to use it just once during practice session with my machine. It was cool, but the app was crashing constantly. I have two days left to decide if I want to keep it or return it. I installed it on my Babolat Aero Pro and works fine, but I am thinking on returning it and use that money towards the new Babolat racquet. Any suggestions? Should I keep the sensor or should I go for the racquet? Would love to hear input from people who have used the sensor. Thanks


I just got the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor last week. I also have the Babolat Pure Drive Play racket (when it first came out). If you are using an iPad with iOS9 the app does crash but they have fixed a lot of the issues. I use my Android phone to record the video and edit the video on my MAC.

I used the Babolat Pure Drive Play racket for a whole year and really enjoyed looking at my stats after my matches or practices, HOWEVER I never felt like it helped me improve my game, it seem like it was just a fun way to track my tennis. When I got the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor I used the video mode and started finding out that I wasn't putting as much ball spin on the ball as I thought I was. I used the application to set a goal of a certain amount of ball spin and would practice I could watch myself on the video and see the shots that had a higher ball spin. I started trying to only hit those type of shots and I was able to bring my ball spin up by 2 points. That may not sound like much but when you are hitting a +3 ball spin and now i'm hitting a +5 it generates much more top spin.

I use a Prince Warrior 107T racket with the Smart Tennis Sensor and I purchased a new butt cap for my Wilson 99LS and got a 2nd ring attachment so I can switch the Smart Tennis Sensor to either racket quickly even if I'm in the middle of practice or a match. IMO you should keep it but I'm a tech guy who plays tennis so I love all the new technology and I hope that Sony makes a few changes to improve the app. I have NO desire to get the Babolat POP though because it looks cheesy to me.