Sony Tennis Sensor used with Smartwatch


New User
Does anybody know whether the sensor works with the new Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch? It has been impossible getting any information from Sony as they do not seem to have anyone in their support that knows anything about the Sensor!
The Gear S3 runs the Tizen OS and not Android Wear (which is what Sony say the sensor is compatible with) but I am slightly hampered by my lack of knowledge as to how the sensor/phone/watch work together. For example, is there a specific Android Wear app for the sensor (if so, I cannot see it in Play Store)?
Does anyone have the sensor working with any make of Android watch? If so, what apps or OS are required and what information actually gets fed to the watch whilst you are playing? Presumably it is just the stats and not live video (if this is being used)?
Any help gratefully received.