Sorry if repost: Paire mad at digital crowd cheering his unforced errors

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The thing that bugs me the most is that they always know they're lying through their teeth. But they will stick to their lie no matter what.
Moron knew damn well why he got his warning. For smashing the ball well after a call. Nothing to do there but accept it like a man. A great man would have even apologised. But that's too much to ask of a tennis player. Throwing a tantrum at the umpire is much more suited.


These guys that get angry are a lightweights. People just laugh at them. We need someone that really puts the fear of god in people. Like Mike Tyson with a racket.


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This evening, I'm just browsing these forums whilst listening to some Mendelssohn, and once again I have to divert my audio to endure yet another Benoit Paire MANtrum.

Other than his forehand, is this the best weapon in his arsenal?