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    Feb 18, 2004
    My wife and I got to play in one 7.0 match in New Orleans last week. She is a new computer rated 3.0 and I am a low to mid-grade 4.0 (with one win at the state level on my 4.0 resume). The team we played against on our court was noticably better than us. He was huge with huge strokes, a bombing serve and great hands, court coverage and control. She had the body of a serious college athlete and a very solid all around game. We were very hard pressed to figure out their ratings - since she was better than any of the 4.0 gals on my 8.0 team and he was better than almost all of the 4.0 players I faced at the state tourney last June.

    When the match was over (we lost 1 and 3) we shook hands and I said:

    "I just have to know your ratings."

    He said:

    "Oh - we are a 7.0 team."

    I said:

    "No - I mean your individual ratings."

    He hemmed and hawed then admitted to being a self rated 3.0 - at which point his 4.0 female partner chimed in with the "oh but you should have seen how bad he was last year, etc."

    I just smirked and shook my head and walked away. We did our job of facing down the opponents' best team so that our team could triumph with the overall victory - and it really was a fun match. My wife played above her normal game and I was quite proud of her. If I hadn't missed an easy put away early in the first set - we would have had another game.

    I looked this duo up when I got home. Surprise surprise - he also wins 8.0 mixed matches with a 3.5 female partner. The female wins regularly at the 4.5 level.

    Some people have zero shame.

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