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  1. Orion

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    Dec 25, 2006
    So the springs in the gripper on my SP eStringer popped. I contacted SP and was told that the warranty on the gripper is 1 year but the rest of the machine has a 5 year warranty. (Go figure??) The gripper is fine and they want $70 just to replace the gripper when it appears as though replacing the springs would suffice. I attached a pic. Gonna hit Lowe's or Home Depot and see if I can't match them up. $70 !!! What would prevent this from being covered as opposed to the motor? my gripe with SP.

    I'll update what happens with continued correspondence with SP and locating the springs. I'm gonna try and have them replace the spring or provide specs/tolerances on what they use.

    Here's a pic of the components. The center spring popped and was grinding around the tension screw.

    Anyone have a similar experience with the SP gripper??


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