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    Feb 21, 2004
    Well, I was impressed by Nadal's tennis last week, so I tried to emulate his style:) Normally, I s&v/attack, but staying back w/ groundstrokes 10' above the net w/ as much spin.

    First match was against a very effective retriever, which I won fairly easily.
    In our previous games, it was tough as there were a lot of lobs, and running backwards, etc. But now, I basically just kept hitting it deep and he couldn't do anything w/ it. I felt like I used a lot less energy.

    Second match though was against a hardhitting groundstroker which I lost. In this match, the short balls that I hit were punished (even though they still had good spin) and I did a lot more running side to side. Felt like I used more energy than usual, where we have quick points (e.g. either he passes me or I hit a good volley.)

    Anyway, it was fun to try a different style of playing. I noted that I hit a lot fewer unforced errors and almost no shots in the net. It was also good mentally to stay back w/ the retriever and stay patient. One thing is there is a little fear that the ball is going to go long, and that lead to some shots where I didn't swing through. Against the aggressive baseliner that won't work.

    Does anyone else play in this style? Or have any opinions about improving it?

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