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Discussion in 'Strings' started by tennis_nerd22, Oct 16, 2006.

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    Sep 7, 2005
    hey all,

    I've tried full jobs of a syn gut (gosen og sheep micro super) and a poly job (SPPP 17g). i liked the syn gut because of its control (for the first week and then the tension went way down) and great feel and touch (i rely on touch a lot when i play, especially at the net). however with the poly job, i liked the control and the fact that i could swing aggresively, but i cant volley or get enough touch from it. Period. I read that some people, including adely, had the same problem originally with SPPP and managed to solve it, and i find that when i focus on my technique and get it exactly right, i can get the right placement and power on the volleys. but i still dont like the feel.

    for tensions, i had the gosen strung at 60/58, and loved it initally, but after a week or so it was way too much power.

    with SPPP's tension i got it strung at 55/53, and ive used it for about a month, about 30-35 hours of tennis. so it must be mid 40's or low 40's. and i have problems controling it against really hard hitters (time for a restring, i know. but i thought that i may as well practice getting my own control anyways :p). i liked the power about mid way through its life span, which ends today, lol. so that was probably when it was around high 40's.

    So im going to hybrid some lux alu power or bb original (im out of SPPP, and the alu is on sale at a store) and gosen sheep. and im hoping that based on what i found you guys can recommend to me what to use for M's and X's and what tension. i'm hoping you can kind of piece together the traits i need basically ;).

    thanks in advance

    (btw im getting this strung tonight after practice so ill only be able to check the replies till around 5ish. so quick responses would be great).
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    Aug 2, 2006
    If you dont like how your racket feels after losing some tension, then dont use luxilon. They drop tension fast, fast, fast. Faster than the syngut you were complaining about. They fell great off the bat and just get worse and worse as you go. The reason all the pros use it is because they tear it out before the tension drop becomes an issue. If I could afford tearing it out every 6 hours, I would use it as well. Best hybrid Ive used so far has been the SPPP with Gosen crosses. holds tension quite well. Im still trying the Cyber Flash right now, just getting it broken in.

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