Specs for the 80's Prince Pro?

When I played on my high school team in the 80's I used the Prince Pro - matte black finish made of aluminum. Does anyone know if there's specs posted about this racquet?

Shown here - http://www.80s-tennis.com/pages/prince pro.html

Back then no one cared about strung weight, flex rating, swing weight etc etc,

I'm really curious how this racquet compares with today's sticks.


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I have a couple of Prince Pro's, and the specs are different. The older model weighs about 12.25 ounces and is 1/2 inch head light. The newer model with the boxy plastic piece above the grip weighs 12.95 ounces and is about 1 inch head light. I've wondered if the difference is because of the model or place of manufacture, or whether it's just random. I also used one back in the day, and just recently re-discovered them. I think they play great - really flexible feeling and tons of power.