Spin Classes for tennis fitness


I've never "spun". But I thought at least some of the models had incline settings. Maybe I'm thinking of the fancy treadmills.
They do, at the spin classes I've gone to, refer to certain positions as inclines. There's 3 hand positions and standing off the bike at the highest hand position and usually with higher resistance they refer to as "hill" or something like that.


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These are what two of my clubs use but they are only used for classes. I've been using the regular cycling machines in the cardio room made by Precor, Expresso, Octane and Life Fitness. The Keisers run $2,000 - $2,500 and there are some additional expenses for toolkit and other accessories.



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I don't bike enough to know if this is really simulating how cyclists work on an incline.
Seems like the spinning bikes just have devices to control the resistance level.

It doesn't actually do an incline. It's not the same as road cycling as you want gravity to assist you so your angle to the frame gets more acute with the grade of the hill.