Spin from racquet stiffness and length


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All else equal, does a stiff or flexible racquet produce more spin on a topspin shot?

Also, extended racquets supposedly give more spin but I've been reading a lot of people experience the opposite because higher swing weight slow down racquet head speed. What has been your experience? Is increased plow inversely correlated with spin since more plow increases depth of shot?

Curious how a racquet like the new Prince 100G longbody compares to something like a Yonex Ezone 100+ or pure drive plus.


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Length generally gives more spin all other things equal. Before spin friendly strings came along, flexy racquets gave more spin. But with spinny strings, you can get plenty of spin with either stiff or flexible.

That said, I find that I have my best competitive results when I use a setup that maximizes depth control and height control, with less spin potential.