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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by damasta55, May 18, 2006.

  1. damasta55

    damasta55 Rookie

    Oct 2, 2005
    Does anyone know how to change the type of spin on forehand. Because for some reason, all my balls seems to be spining at 1 and 7 o clock, if not, my balls are very flat. My stroke is not from 6' o clock >impact> to follow through, (windshield wiper), mine is more like a half-wind-shield wipe, from (parallel to the ground) to 9 o'clock. I want to get top-spin in my shots, what should i do?
  2. DX_Psycho

    DX_Psycho Semi-Pro

    Feb 1, 2005
    use your legs more. get low and push upward and forward as you strike the ball.
  3. golden chicken

    golden chicken Rookie

    Jul 14, 2005
    it sounds to me like you're starting your swing at 3 o'clock with your racket at the height of the ball. like this: =-O and swinging in a half arc so your racket points to 9 o'clock like this: O-= you get your swing through the ball mostly from turning your shoulders.

    if this is the case, then the spin you are getting is because you aren't "windshield-wiping" before, during, and after contact. instead, you're pulling your racket across your body, hitting the ball, and THEN using the windshield wiper follow through.

    it's really important that the windshield-wiper follow through be naturally effected by the beginning half of the stroke and not because you just twist your wrist.

    you want to change your takeback so that your racket head is WAY below the level of the ball, so bend your knees and lower your hand. you must swing with an upward path ALONG with your shoulder rotation to get the topspin to show up. try to emphasize the takeback being low and the follow through, even though your racket head might be by your side, your hand should be over your shoulder.
  4. nViATi

    nViATi Hall of Fame

    Mar 6, 2005
    You are probably trying to wipe up for spin at the last second. You have to drop the racquet head and start brushing up before you contact the ball to get any topspin.
  5. Freedom

    Freedom Professional

    Jan 1, 2006
    If you're right handed (racquet finishing at 9) how do you get the ball to spin from 7 to 1? :confused:
  6. blue03

    blue03 Rookie

    Oct 3, 2005
    try to strike the ball from below and use more western..well it works for me though :mrgreen:

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