Spinshot ball machine service stand


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I recently purchased a Spinshot Player ball machine and noticed that they sell a very expensive $699 platform for raising the machine to practice service returns.

Does anybody have experience with this product? Does anybody have experience with cheaper but still portable and secure/sturdy options?

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Although I own a Spinfire Pro 2 (and LOVE it!), I did see that platform thing and thought it was interesting. Unfortunately, and this is why I didn't buy a Spinshot, is that they only reach 70mph so you aren't getting much of a serve speed. I think you need 90-100mph minimum to have a decent serve machine. I'd love to get an Ace Attack, which is a true tennis serving machine as it can serve at 110mph but they are $7K USD. With either of these devices, unless you have your own court I don't know how you are going to transport and set it up all the time.


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Good point about hassle of setup and low maximum speed.

I did figure that the speed issue would be mitigated by the fact that the platform sits at the service line and is angled slightly downward (sort of why Little League pitcher throwing 70mph from closer is similar to Major League pitcher throwing 100mph from further back with regard to reaction time).


Couldn't you just move the stand further in the court to make up the speed difference?

(No exp with any of this equipment)


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Close proximity plus high topspin helped me practice my kick serve return. Obviously it isn't as good, but for 20 dollars versus 700, it's worth considering given how simple it is.


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Please, keep on mind that by the time the ball reaches the other side the speed has reduced to about half of the original


and thus, if you wish to use a machine raised on a platform and it is positioned immediately behind the net, or close by, you will get the balls at you fairly comparable to quite fast serves. Naturally the trajectory of the ball will not be comparable to the one originating from a real serve, especially kick serves