(spoiler if you haven't seen the match) 2 Class Acts Federer and Henman

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    Jul 3, 2005
    Two class acts played and I was happy with both their comments on the Wimbledon site. It's nice to hear that Henman is not saying bye after this Wimbledon. I'm very happy that he's going to continue to play. I was a little concerned after the draws came out that Henman might leave after this year, between the other English stars and having to face Federer 2nd round. I'm so impressed with his professionalism, and realizing that he can still play, and that he's going to return. I've loved watching him for over a decade, and can't imagine a Wimbledon without him, but someday I'll have to.

    Federer was humble in his talking about "not taking pleasure in taking Henman out in the second round". I mean there's no doubt that he was happy that he won, but it was definitely a sincere comment. Being good friends with Henman, and knowing how much England loves seeing Henman play at Wimbledon, I think Federer was upset that it was only the second round in which he would take Henman out. I think he'd been a lot happier if it had been the quarter finals or semi-finals, then at least England would have had a week of watching Tim, (providing if the draws were different, and providing he'd actually make it that deep).

    But there's definitely no doubt, the Fed Express has arrived and he wants his 4th title. And after dismantling two tough opponents Gasquet and Henman, it's starting to look even better that he'll be holding that trophy up for the 4th time in a row.


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