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    Apr 1, 2005
    I don't know where this belongs. But, how would I be able to contact a pro-player?

    It'd be really cool to have a facility in their name, and have them help sponsor it with gear and bills.

    Where I live, we've been fighting for an indoor facility. For a long time, and we recently got the go-ahead to a build a five-star tennis indoor facility. All the fancy things will be in it.

    We have the money to develop this facility, the lighting and other stuff. But the elder people on the committee are putting a lot of money into it. Their life savings and such. And not sure how it'll all work for monthly bills.

    But, I was looking at sponsorships or something. Because it's mostly going to be a facility for the youth. I was looking at getting a sponsorship for like tennis balls, tennis equipment and/or helping pay the bills for the facility.

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    Dec 30, 2004
    i hope the indoor tennis project goes thru without any trouble.

    while i dont know how to get sponsorships, i do know that there are nice, rich people living everywhere. when the club opens you might end up getting help from concerned members. one thing you could do, though, is, in a way, campaign. make the construction of the tennis facility more public. let everyone know. do a fundraiser activity to get you by at least a couple of months. maybe then, local sports shops, grocery stores, or whatever will consider being a sponsor.

    i hope this somewhat helped. if not, sorry.

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    May 31, 2005
    Unfortunately I'm not sure how much genuine help you are going to find here with this topic but best of luck to you getting things moving. I'm 17 and my hopes of ever being a pro tennis player have faded a bit but I always thought it would be great to be part of creating and operating a tennis facility for a community. Right on dude.

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