SPPP vs Topspin CF vs SPPP hextreme

i currently use fxp pretige mp, i have a high topspin FH and one handed BH and prefere lots of control over power. if i rank the characteristics of strings, it would be control, durability, spin, and power would be last. what would be a good string for me? btw, i really like the orange string look on my prestige...


I was JUST about to make a topic about this.

Funny thing is is that I also use FXP Prestige MP and also have a 1hbh.



i've only tried out sppp and cyberflash so i'll give you a comparison with the two.

sppp has better spin capabilities than cf, but i would say that cf is better for ball control than sppp. as both strings are co-polys, durability should not be an issue. furthermore, cf has a better feel than sppp. as for power, i believe that cyberflash has a bit more power than sppp.