Sprinklers are a PITA

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    Aug 14, 2006
    I moved into my house 2.5 years ago. I live in Utah so it gets fairly cold in the winter. My stop / waste valve is buried under about 2 feet of dirt because the previous owner didn't put the cap on properly. He claimed he hadn't turned the water off during the winter for a few years and never had any problems beyond a few routine breaks.

    First year I was in I had a couple breaks. No bid deal. Last year nothing.

    This year I had to do an emergency fix during the winter because one of my valves cracked and there was a pretty big puddle forming in my backyard. I spent today fixing a pretty sizable break in the main line running into the back yard. It broke at an elbow, so it was a bit more difficult to fix than other things.

    Now I see that pretty much all of my valves have problems with them. I knew one did, but when I fixed the above referenced leak, the added pressure in the system made the leak on this valve a whole lot worse. Think I will take tomorrow off work and replace all 7 valves (never did replace the one that broke this winter. I just cut it out and capped it off).

    Then sometime in the summer I get to dig a 6 foot hole in my front yard and redo the access to the stop / waste valve (so I can shut of the water for the winter and I can work on my sprinklers without having to shut off the water at the street).

    Anybody else having fun with their sprinklers this year?

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