squeaking shoes on purpose

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  1. dizzlmcwizzl

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    Mar 24, 2010
    The squeaks are only a hindrance if your opponent is doing this for the purpose of distracting you. If they are moving their feet to split step on your toss and they squeak, even several times, it is not a hindrance.

    Personally, at the club I play, the courts are such that when I am wearing new shoes I squeak every time I move quickly and there is no way you would bully me into calling a hindrance.
  2. Say Chi Sin Lo

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    Aug 30, 2005
    I think there's a difference between doing a split step, and shuffling their feet back and forth and doing a happy feet dance.
  3. LuckyR

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    Jun 2, 2006
    The Great NW
    Not quite right. What you said is true but also it has to actually hinder you. Does that sort of nonsense really hinder you? Really?
  4. dizzlmcwizzl

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    Mar 24, 2010
    Not me ... of course I wasn't the one complaining.
  5. Gonzalito17

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    Nov 26, 2011
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    Remember Ana Ivanovic used to squeak her shoes right before her opponent served a few years ago in Australia I think it was. Very cunning, but cute at the same time. Gotta love Ana )
  6. Tennisguy3000

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    Aug 19, 2010
    Haha Yes... and it wasnt allowed as a fault then either ;-)


    Tennis player cries foot fault over squeaky shoes

    Women's tennis has already suffered rows over loud grunting – and now a player is blaming her downfall on another annoying sound: squeaky trainers.

    Daniela Hantuchova said opponent Ana Ivanovic had committed an unusual 'foot-fault' yesterday to get to the finals of the Australian Open.

    Hantuchova and Ivanovic Cold handshake: Hantuchova, right, looks away from Ivanovic

    The match, in Melbourne, saw Slovakian Hantuchova let slip a 6-0 2-0 lead and go down in three sets.

    Her claims of noisy gamesmanship, which recall arguments over the infamous grunts of Monica Seles and Maria Sharapova, saw her accuse Serbian Ivan-ovic of deliberately shuffling her feet before each point. This made a loud, off-putting squeak on the hard court surface.

    After a cold handshake at the end of the game, when she barely glanced at her opponent, Hantuchova said: 'I was really surprised with that. I think it's unfair.

    Ivanovic It’s a shoe-in: Ana Ivanovic celebrates her winning point . Squeaky shoes not pictured.

    'It's a distraction to the server. We played before and she never did it.' She said she had alerted umpire Alison Lang, but no action was taken.

    But an indignant Ivanovic, 20, insisted: 'I just tried to move my feet to return the ball, so it really was not intentional.

    'If you see other matches, I was doing exactly the same thing. It's just the way these courts play.

    'Maybe she was just trying to pick on something, to get upset.'

    To add to the bitterness, 24-year-old Hantuchova disputed whether Ivanovic had reached the ball before it bounced twice during a crucial break-point in the final set – but later admitted she could have been mistaken.

    The final should prove interesting, if incredibly noisy: Ivanovic and her squeaky shoes are going up against the notorious grunts of Sharapova

    Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/85775-tennis-player-cries-foot-fault-over-squeaky-shoes#ixzz2Cz4Qz9Nt
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  7. michael_1265

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    May 8, 2007
    Richmond, VA
    My sneakers squeak sometimes. At 6'4" and 240 pounds and with pretty decent burst speed, I suspect it is not my sneakers interacting with the ground but rather screaming in pure agony, like the tires on a Wells Fargo armored truck.
  8. tamdoankc

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    Aug 3, 2004
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    I've had a doubles opponent actually stomp his feet during my service motion. This only happened when I was serving for the match.
  9. dcdoorknob

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    Mar 14, 2010
    I think the actual productive thing to take out if this thread has nothing to do with whether there is a hindrance or not. Instead of worrying about that, I think we'd all be better off figuring out how to handle it (and plenty of other things like it) like the opponent did. Let's say the squeaking is intentional and is meant to distract his opponent. How frustrating it must be for the guy to waste all that energy when his opponent doesn't even seem to notice?

    In general I have often thought that the best response (if possible) to many acts of gamesmanship is to just no give it a 2nd thought (or even a 1st one if you can help it). If they are really trying to get to you somehow, the only real response that thwarts them is no response. Oftentimes, they aren't even trying anything so sinister as that anyways, and it's just an honest quirk or something. Even if it is intentional, if you just ignore it and keep playing as you would have otherwise you've still likely come upon the best solution to the matter.

    I mean, in this case, its silly squeaking shoes. Get over it.
  10. Cindysphinx

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    Aug 31, 2006
    I had the same thing.

    Doubles opponent net player had been quiet the entire match, but then on match point she started shuffling her feet during my toss so her shoes would squeak.

    I dealt with it by catching tosses until she knocked it off, staring at her after each caught toss.
  11. sureshs

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    Oct 1, 2005
    Who is the one cheating here :)

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