Starting clamp for Gamma x2


I've read some posts on here that have mentioned a starting clamp for dropweights. I may an idiot, but do I have one? I don't understand the difference between a starting clamp (I assume, this is where you clamp the middle mains together when starting off the string job) and just a regular clamp. Can't you do that with a regular clamp?

I actually bought 2 stringway flying clamps and use those. I use the one flying clamp that came with the machine as my "starting clamp". Am I doing something wrong?


Flying Clamps and Starting Clamps are different. Flying clamps are larger and designed to hold two strings, as in the case of a machine with no fixed clamps, where there is no connection to a base to secure the string (obvious), and the two-string clamping is needed. A "Starting Clamp" has a small, spring-loaded vice grip to hold the string as you tension, and without getting into all of the possibilities, it is used to assist in stringing various patterns and tying on knots to start. See videos where he uses a "Starting Clamp" for various for purposes, including something as simple as tightening a knot and to something more complex like the 50/50.

Here is the one that TW sells:

You don't need a "Starting Clamp" to string.
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