Starting clamp or another Floating clamp?

Discussion in 'Stringing Techniques / Stringing Machines' started by ricardo, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. ricardo

    ricardo Hall of Fame

    May 12, 2009
    I bought a floating clamp instead of a starting clamp for backup purposes.

    I have a Gamma X-2 that uses floating clamps.

    I thought of buying a starting clamp to start the mains and for tying knots.
    After some deliberations, I decided to buy another floating clamp and I am glad I did.

    Over time, floating clamps can lose their grip and this is what happened to one of my floating clamps. Now I am using the backup floating clamp.

    The slipping floating clamp I now use as the starting clamps (only 1 side is slipping. The other side is still good).

    Hope this helps..
  2. Ramon

    Ramon Hall of Fame

    Sep 4, 2011
    I think I'm in agreement with you. My machine has fixed clamps. I just bought a starting clamp so I could experiment with some ATW patterns. It works fine for what I need, but a floating clamp would have been more versatile. You can use a starting clamp to tie knots, but I actually prefer to use needlenose pliers. The one advantage I'll give to the starting clamp is that it costs less.
  3. codyjames14

    codyjames14 New User

    Jun 15, 2011
    I am still relatively new to stringing but when I bought my machine, I ordered a starting clamp as well. For what it's worth, I LOVE my starting clamp. It would be a pain for me if I didn't have it.
  4. KerryR

    KerryR Rookie

    Nov 11, 2011
    Starting clamps are extremely useful.

    But smaller flyers can do much of the same work and more. Klipper's flyers are ugly, but small, cheap (but robust) and easy to adjust for use with a single string if you loosen the locking nut, and can be clamped with one hand. If your machine has fixed clamps and you do ATW's, one or more flyers is pretty handy anyway.

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