Starting Clamp Replacement Spring


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Has anyone replaced theirs? I come across all sorts of things in my thrifting and swapping adventures. One of the latest has brought me an old Babolat starting clamp that’s missing a spring. I’ve seen replacements on the auction site from China.

Is there anyone with experience in this matter?


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The type of spring you need is called a volute spring.
Thank you. Now I have a name. I still can’t find where to buy them but I now have more options on the auction site. I just have no idea what the number 2/91 or 5/91, etc mean.

Anyone else?


It seems that 2/91 and 5/91 are manufacturer-specific part numbers, from Felco, to indicate which of their tools the springs are meant for.
The important details you need are what the free length of the spring and the compressed length of the spring are. The external diameter of the spring at its center and the internal diameter of the spring at each end would also be useful.