Stats and Winners


So finally I remembered to ask the woman linesman I know and she said a winner is a non service ace - if you get the racquet on the ball at all, it's a forced error - sos I stand corrected. She also said she has no idea who does the stats.
So, I finally remembered to ask for some Remy for my flask
To learn a a winner is a sinner wit' grace and a big 'ol ass
Get the racquet on the ball, and it's just a forced error
Make a verbal faux pax -- you'll be branded Yogi Berra

So now you stand corrected, good thing I detected
Your post--and I'll excuse ya, 'cause stats are just minutia
As a matter of course I use both bluster and force
From Siena to Vienna, you're now on Jay Bullworth's antenna

Sen. Jay Bullworth